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Common pests such as rats, flies and ants can often invade homes in San Francisco. Taking preventative measures on your own can help you prevent pest issues, but reaching out to a pest control company is best if you spot signs of an existing infestation. A professional pest control service in San Francisco can diagnose, treat and resolve your pest problems.

A pest infestation can lead to property damage and pose health risks to you and your family, including your pets. Insects and small animals can pass on disease, damage your home’s structure and contaminate food.

Hiring a professional pest control company can reduce these risks. A technician will identify nesting areas, and create a treatment plan, using methods such as sealing entrances, capturing pests or spraying chemicals. The right pest treatment can take care of your pest problem for the long term.

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Find the best local pest control company for you in San Francisco

Look for pest control companies in San Francisco with at least 3.5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews and a good rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB). Use the filters below to help you find the right company for your needs.

Featured Partner

Terminix Commercial

This provider has a better score than at least 90% of companies in the area.

Top Rated

AntsBed BugsCockroachesFliesGeneral Pest ControlMiceMosquitosMothsPreventionSilverfishSpidersTermitesTicksWaspsWildlife

32970 Alvarado-Niles Rd #708, Union City, CA 94587

(510) 476-2802

Featured Partner


This provider has a better score than at least 90% of companies in the area.

Top Rated

This provider has more reviews than at least 80% of companies in the area.


AntsBaitingBed BugsCockroachesFleasFumigationGeneral Pest ControlMiceMosquitosPreventionSilverfishSpidersTermitesTicksWaspsWildlife

819 Cowan Rd STE E, Burlingame, CA 94010

(415) 315-9426

Alley Cat

This provider has a better score than at least 90% of companies in the area.

Top Rated

This provider has more reviews than at least 80% of companies in the area.


General Pest ControlGreen Pest ControlMicePreventionWildlife

3030 Ashby Ave #103b, Berkeley, CA 94705

(510) 277-3303

Dewey Pest & Termite Control

This provider is within 5 miles of your city


AntsBaitingBed BugsBeesBeetlesCockroachesFleasFliesFumigationGeneral Pest ControlGreen Pest ControlMiceMosquitosPreventionSilverfishSpidersTermitesTicksWasps

6300 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94124

(415) 468-6660

Kelly Pest Control

Provider’s rating is less than 3.0/5

Low Rating

AntsBeesCockroachesFleasGeneral Pest ControlMiceSpiders

1312 S 50th St, Richmond, CA 94804

(510) 715-8349

Omega Termite & Pest Control

AntsBed BugsBeesBeetlesCockroachesFleasGeneral Pest ControlGreen Pest ControlMiceSilverfishSpidersTermitesWasps

807 75th Ave, Oakland, CA 94621

(800) 257-3636

USA Today

Clark Pest Control

AntsBed BugsCockroachesFleasFumigationGarden ProtectionGeneral Pest ControlGreen Pest ControlMiceMosquitosPreventionSpidersTermites

485 Oneill Ave, Belmont, CA 94002

(650) 204-5000

ATCO Pest Control

This provider has a better score than at least 90% of companies in the area.

Top Rated

This provider has more reviews than at least 80% of companies in the area.


AntsBed BugsCockroachesFleasGeneral Pest ControlGreen Pest ControlMicePreventionSpidersTermitesTicksWildlife

26 Hamilton Dr suite H, Novato, CA 94949

(415) 898-2282

PURCOR Pest Solutions

AntsBed BugsCockroachesFleasGeneral Pest ControlGreen Pest ControlMiceMosquitosPreventionSpidersTermitesTicksWaspsWildlife

28306 Industrial Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545

(855) 954-4114

Honest Rodent Proofing

This provider has a better score than at least 90% of companies in the area.

Top Rated

This provider has more reviews than at least 80% of companies in the area.


General Pest ControlGreen Pest ControlMice

2872 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

(925) 433-3988

More providers

Below are additional pest control companies that didn’t make our top picks based on their distance, ratings or service offerings.

Bay Area Bed Bug

111 Deerwood Rd STE 200, San Ramon, CA 94583

First Select Pest Control

3220 Blume Dr Ste 154, Richmond, CA 94806

North Point Pest Solutions Inc.

21 Commercial Blvd STE 4, Novato, CA 94949

Mighty Men Pest Control

831 E 2nd St Suite 101, Benicia, CA 94510

What are common pests in San Francisco?

While pests are everywhere, the hot spots for different species vary. The following pests are common in San Francisco, and these are some signs of an infestation:

  • Bed bugs: Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown, wingless insects about the size of apple seeds. Common in apartment buildings, hotels and hospitals, they attach to backpacks, purses, clothing and used furniture. They conceal themselves during the day in beds or cracks and crevices. Then they become active at night. You may have an infestation if you find the bugs themselves or blood stains on mattresses or other furniture.
  • Rats: If you find droppings about half an inch long or hear scurrying in your walls or ceiling, you may have a rat infestation. Rats nibble through doors, food bags and walls, forming access points for themselves.
  • Moths: Clothes moths and pantry moths often invade homes. Clothes moths destroy wool and cotton, leaving behind trenches, tunnels, silky furrows and small tubes, which are larvae casings. Pantry moths penetrate plastic food packaging and leave webs in pantry corners. Moths are attracted to ripe fruit, light and fermented sugar.
  • Fleas: If you notice your pet has black flecks on its skin and it’s scratching more than usual, you may have a flea problem. Although fleas can’t live on human skin or hair, if you have an infestation, you’ll often find red, itchy marks near your feet and ankles from them jumping up and biting. Fleas also transmit disease, such as the bubonic plague.
  • Ticks: While ticks typically stay close to the ground outside, they can hitch a ride on your pets, shoes and clothes and make their way indoors. Female ticks then lay eggs on curtains, in carpet fibers or in upholstery once inside your home. They may also nest in the lining or pockets of clothing, in corners and along baseboards.
  • Flies: Everyone sees the occasional fly buzzing around their home during the summer months, but if you see significantly more than is normal, there’s a good chance you have an infestation. Flies leave feces that look like clusters of black dots and often appear near sinks, high shelves and around trash. Another sign of an infestation is seeing maggots, which are fly larvae, in waste.

How can you prevent pests in your San Francisco home?

Fighting a pest infestation can be difficult, so preventative measures are the most effective method to prevent future problems. Though infestations often require expert intervention, you can implement the following measures to keep pests out before they make their way into your home.

Schedule regular preventative pest control

Left uncontrolled, insects and vermin can significantly impact your home and well-being. Discuss preventive options with a pest control professional to stop infestations before they start. Experts may suggest that you set traps, seal openings or apply pesticides in specific areas.

Cover, seal or eliminate food sources

Since pests are usually in search of sustenance, restricting their access to food sources will prevent them from settling in. Store food at least half a foot above the ground and slightly away from walls. Ensure sinks, food storage areas and counters are clean and disinfected when not being used. Regularly dispose of food waste and other garbage, and keep the spaces near trash cans and dumpsters tidy.

Keep up with yard maintenance

Insects and small animals can hide in leaves, standing water, trash and tall grass. Keeping your yard clear of debris and your lawn and foliage well-maintained is one of the simplest ways to stop an infestation before it starts. If professional lawn maintenance is needed, check if national lawn care services such as TruGreen cover your region.

Seal off pest entrances

Closing off small entryways will help keep insects and small animals from invading your home. Rats can maneuver through holes as tiny as half-inch in diameter. Inspect your roof and siding for holes, and be sure to seal off damaged window frames. Some pest control companies specialize in keeping pests out.

Facts about San Francisco

Common Pests
  1. Rats
  2. Flies
  3. Ants

San Francisco

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What are questions to ask your pest control provider?

When selecting a pest control provider, ask the following questions to verify they have the knowledge to handle your unique situation.

Are your technicians properly licensed and insured?

Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) governs the use of pest control chemicals. Moreover, the EPA requires restricted-use pesticide applicators and their supervisors to hold certifications in line with the agency’s standards and the laws of the affected states, territories and tribes.

A Qualified Applicator License or Applicator Certificate issued by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation is required for pest control technicians to practice in California.

What treatment schedule do you recommend?

The treatment plan a pest professional suggests will vary based on the particular pest type, the location of the property, the specific treatment method and the severity of the infestation. In most cases, pest control providers advise against relying on a single treatment to get rid of household pests, as there will likely be insects at different stages of their life cycles that may have laid eggs in hard-to-spot locations.

Pest professionals generally advise continuous treatments, with some taking place only in the warmer months and others occurring year-round. Preventative measures may also be recommended to stop infestations before they begin.

How long will it take to get rid of pests?

The time it will take for your pest issue to go away depends on the type and severity of the infestation as well as the pest’s life cycle. After your home’s initial treatment, you might notice a decrease in activity, but pests may reemerge after hatching, requiring additional treatments. Conversely, you could see a spike in activity following the first treatment, as it can drive pests from their hiding spots. Fortunately, this should subside within a matter of days.

Can I remain in my home during pest control treatments?

You should be able to remain in your home for some parts of the pest control treatment, such as sealing holes and cracks. If your service professional uses a pesticide, it may take a few hours before it’s dry, during which time you’ll need to be out of the house.

Some services take a particularly long time. During termite fumigation, the pest control company needs to erect a tent around your home for three days to release the pesticide. You must find alternative accommodations during that time.

Are your treatments safe for my family and pets?

A service professional will know how much of a particular product to use, how long it takes to dry and when children and pets can safely come back to the area that’s been treated. Before applying any treatment, they should educate you on what you must remove from the affected space, such as plants, food and animals.

Do you offer any “green” pest control methods?

A number of pest control providers offer green solutions for managing an infestation. This means they use methods with a lower environmental impact than traditional methods. Examples of eco-friendly pest control include sealing potential pest entry points, trapping rodents and using naturally sourced pesticides.

What do I do if pests come back?

Many pest control services have guarantees and warranties in place to protect you if pests return before a predetermined date. These companies may offer a one-time treatment or continuous treatments to tackle a stubborn pest problem. Be sure to discuss the options with your provider.

Our methodology for selecting pest control companies

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