Despite a uniquely challenging year of economic instability and the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States’ real estate market prices have continued to reach astronomical heights — and the data delivers.

The real estate data experts at PropertyShark ranked the most expensive zip codes in the United States based on the most recent and complete data from the 2021 calendar year. To reflect the most accurate market conditions, the zip code rankings are based upon the median home sale price of closed sales, and reveals many shocking trends and records set. For starters, the top 100 list actually names the highest number of zip codes to date—127 in total— to include those whose median home prices are tied.

Market competition for home buyers has reached new highs, and the calculations of prices in the most desirable regions of the United States offers revealing insights into the current state of affairs. Amongst the staggering new records set by 2021 real estate: all of the zip codes in the top 10 have median home prices surpassing $4 million.

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More than 70% of the priciest U.S. zip codes are in California, including six of the top 10. New York state ranked as the second most expensive, but for the first time, no New York City zip codes broke through the top 20; only the Hamptons are in that number. Additionally, the data reveals vertical trends in California’s prices, but New York’s seem to be slowing in comparison. Another surprising reveal: to round out the top half of the list, the notoriously pricy San Francisco slides in by a hair—ranking as #50.

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The upper echelon of zip codes show an expected heavy presence from New York state and New York City, the Bay Area, Los Angeles County and other popular California destinations, plus Washington state’s Medina and Connecticut’s Fairfield County. 2021 also marks the first time three Mountain State zip codes are in the top 100 list, with historic price climbs for the affluent Paradise Valley in Arizona and Nevada’s Crystal Bay and Glenbrook, both famous enclaves near Lake Tahoe.

To see more of the big moves in real estate pricing, check out our complete list of the top 50 zip codes and their median home sale prices for 2021 below.

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