If you don’t find the HVAC technician who’s most qualified for your needs and budget, you may end up spending more than you can afford. These tips, however, will help you determine which pro is right for you.

Get Multiple Quotes

Before making a selection, it’s best to consult with at least five Tampa Bay HVAC service providers. This will ensure that you get an accurate price estimate for the job at hand. After determining which companies have the most reliable reviews, you can begin to compare prices. The company that combines the most positive customer feedback and the best price point for your budget will likely be the top choice.

Take note of company reviews and prices that seem too good to be true. If you receive a quote that’s drastically lower than the going range, for example, it may be best to avoid the company altogether to avoid a scam.

Finally, note that certain HVAC techs and companies work only with certain systems from brands like Lennox, Trane or Carrier. Make sure to verify that the contractor will be able to service your brand of HVAC before moving forward in the hiring process.

Read Reviews From Tampa Bay Homeowners

For the most accurate and timely reviews, it may be best to check within your immediate circle of neighbors and homeowners in the area, especially if they’ve hired the HVAC company in question before. Real people can often offer unique insights that aren’t available online. Community websites as well as Facebook and Google are great resources for a broader look into how certain HVAC companies operate. Forbes Home recommends grabbing information from around three sources at minimum to get the most complete picture.

Any company with unbelievably great reviews, exceedingly old reviews or hardly any reviews at all should be considered carefully. It’s typically best to go with a company that has recent reviews from multiple sources.

Choose an Established Tampa Bay HVAC Company

If you really have to dig to find out anything about a company in Tampa Bay, that can be a bad thing. After all, if info about a provider is hard to find, you’ll be making a hire without the ability to do ample vetting. Keep digging, as many local HVAC companies should have more-robust reputations with decades of previous customers and plenty of online reviews.

Not only can hiring an established company come with more assurance from reviews, but you can usually count on that provider having a better understanding of the Tampa Bay area and its common weather patterns. You want someone who understands the ins and outs of the local climate and how it can affect your HVAC system in the summer and winter and help you prepare accordingly.

HVAC Licensing and Insurance in Tampa Bay

License requirements for this type of work will vary from state to state, but Florida does currently require HVAC professionals to have a license. If you want to look into this further and get a better idea of the state policies, refer to Florida’s complete list of regulations regarding HVAC work.

No matter the laws, we always recommend that you opt to hire a licensed contractor who is also equipped with plenty of insurance options. Hiring an HVAC pro who is bonded can also be a good idea, as this means they can cover any claims made against them.

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