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Shop online at Cool-Off when you need a replacement water pump for a misting system- we have the best prices on top-quality accessories to upgrade, repair, or build the perfect water mister. Cool-Off is known on the Web as the best supply store for outdoor water misting equipment, the best water cooling systems, water misting accessories and part components, and ready-to-install misting systems for sale online. You’ll save on every item we carry, from misting accessories and misting systems to patio umbrellas and cabanas.

3 Popular Misting Pumps We Carry at Cool-Off

1. Mid Pressure Misting Pump 200 PSI, features inlet solenoid valve and low pressure shut-off that is most often found on high pressure pumps. You’ll discover many additional features on our mid pressure pump that make it a terrific bargain. This very affordable water pump for a misting system can take anything the elements can throw at it- hail, snow, rain, and excessive heat- and still come back for more.

Small, yet powerful, our mid pressure pump is whisper quiet and since it’s designed to be mounted on the wall, you can put up your misting system just about anywhere. Check out ready-to-install misting systems for sale online at Cool-Off, as well.

2. The App-Controlled High Pressure Pump with Remote Control 1,000 PSI is perfect for all types of applications and can accommodate several of our misting fans and up to 20 nozzles on a mist line. We believe, as do most of our customers, that the best misting systems should operate without a lot of noise; which is why we’ve designed a line of pumps that operate extremely quiet.

Newly manufactured misting pumps from Cool-Off are very affordable, more compact than previous models, 50% quieter, and user friendly, so you can enjoy a cool oasis from the summer heat without it costing you a lot of money or taking up a lot of your time to get set up.

3. Our Large High Pressure Misting Pumps 1,000 PSI are always in high demand because they function efficiently and cost less than comparable products sold online. These large misting pumps are also popular because they’re highly customizable- and the mist doesn’t lose pressure over distance, even if you install numerous 90-degree elbows and tees.

Being low maintenance is also an attractive feature; an occasional oil change and pump service every couple of years will keep your pump operating efficiently for many years go come.

Beat the Heat With Cool-Off

What’s better than having a cool place for family and friends to gather in the heat of the day while you’re at the grill or relaxing in your back yard? You’ll be amazed by how much cooler the air feels with a simple misting system that lowers the outdoor temperature by 20-30 degrees underneath your mister.

Check out all of our products on Cool-Off and let us know if we can help you in any way by contacting our staff at 800-504-6478.

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