We’ve been fairly forthright about our love of technology in the pages of SNIPS for some time now — calling out the good, the bad and the unappreciated. There is reason in this. We want you to get ahead of the curve, to ride the wave high and be highly successful before everyone else jumps in to muddy the waters.

Yes, “fools rush in,” but they can also cash in with the right tools at their fingertips — which is why we continue to share stories of success.

And when it comes to technology and success, the first company that comes to mind is Silicon Valley Mechanical in San Jose, California. Specializing in commercial HVAC and plumbing contractor services in the Bay Area since 1994, the full-service mechanical contractor has considerably raised its profile thanks to smart investments in hardware and software.

Call it instinct. Call it luck. Whatever it is, it’s working.

With that in mind, we thought they would be the perfect company to feature on our first digital cover. Included in your digital subscription, the digital cover will promote exclusive stories that are available to our digital subscriber base. No, SNIPS is NOT going digital only. As long as print is still alive and kicking, you’ll be able to get a copy.

However, this move is meant to signify a shift in our focus. Now more than ever, we have a growing audience that enjoys what our online experience has to offer.

As a result, we are developing more content to feed this growing appetite. What does that mean for us? Earlier days and longer nights. What does that mean for you? Same great SNIPS but more frequently.  

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