Material Handling Equipment Supplier

A material handling equipment supplier offers to take the pressure off your assembly line with a lasting impact on your bottom line. As a quality and innovation leader, CASI provides solutions that fit into almost any space, working with customers to achieve results.

Inefficiencies in Manual Processes

There is a demand for automation. Nearly 67 percent of managers claimed to feel an immense amount of pressure to increase efficiency. With a tightening labor market, this demand is only set to increase.

Manual processes are often ineffective. Counting, sorting, and picking are among the most time-consuming tasks that employees in logistics perform. The most reported issue in manufacturing is getting the right items to the right place at the right time.

How does automation improve efficiency?

Automation drives efficiency by working alongside employees. Conveyor systems eliminate the need for your staff to carry products and items around facilities. Packing machines take care of yet another clunky process.

Machines take care of movements that are not inherently quick. This allows your employees to focus on quality and getting products out quickly.

Types of Material Handling Machines

There are numerous machines and systems that can decrease the time it takes to move a product through your facility. Whether you run a factory or a shipping center, many of these processes share components.

CASI produces:

  • Customizable conveyor systems
  • Sortation systems use scanning software to move items
  • Packing systems to open and prepare goods
  • Manifest systems
  • Up-to-date software to keep your facility functioning and secure

Our focus on quality means that you receive the equipment you need the first time. YOu can eliminate many of the manual processes plaguing logistics companies today.

Customized Systems

No manufacturer or logistics company is the same. Even warehouses within the same business differ in terms of space constraints and the types of goods handled. Specializations can be more constraining.

CASI builds modular systems to fit almost any need. Our experts can help you craft the optimal solution for every space.

Flexible and Modular Components

A custom system can seem expensive. However, there are ways to cut costs. CASI uses flexible modules that fit most spaces.

We do not design machines from scratch. From our scanning systems to our right-sized packing machines, our equipment stands up to almost any challenge.

Up to Date Software

Once your custom system is ready, you need to ensure that it remains functional. Software is a primary concern in an age where a data breach costs as much as $9.5 million.

CASI systems are updated regularly with new features. This also means that we can supply our products to highly secure facilities.

Material Handling Equipment Supplier

For a logistics company or factory, the right material handling equipment supplier is crucial to keep goods flowing. Manual processes take time and can make you less competitive. They can also increase turnover.

CASI, an award-winning company at the forefront of innovation and quality, builds highly custom systems from our modular and flexible components. Get in touch with our manufacturing and materials handling consultants today.

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Material Handling Equipment Supplier

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