Industrial Exhaust Fans

Industrial Exhaust Fans

Industrial exhaust fans move air and powders in industrial and commercial settings. They commonly provide air ventilation for personnel, exhaust, or material handling. They also provide spot cooling in industrial and commercial buildings where air conditioning is not feasible or is too costly. They are excellent for high volume, static pressure applications like factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, and underground parking garages.

Industrial exhaust fans are excellent for drawing air out of a building or workspace that may be contaminated with smoke, toxic gases, fumes, and other undesirable contaminants.

Types of Industrial Exhaust Fans

Industrial fans are available in several configurations based on the location in which they are to be placed or mounted. These include duct inline fans, roof and ceiling ventilators, wall exhaust fans, freestanding fans, and plenum fans.

They are often classified with a numerical designation based on their performance characteristics. The Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) develops standards and provides certifications to ensure fans and blowers meet rating requirements.

Where to Get the Best Industrial Duty Supply and Exhaust Fans

Are you looking to improve the air ventilation in your industrial or commercial premises? Then you need the right type of exhaust fans and ventilators. Thankfully, Eldridge sells industrial ventilation equipment across many industries and markets, so you would be able to get the right type of industrial fan from them.

Eldridge Industrial Duty Fans are ideal for general industrial building ventilation needs. Our robust and cost-effective fans are the perfect fit for your facility!

Eldridge Fan products are designed with quality in mind for your industrial ventilation systems. They are the result of years of field-based experience across various industrial applications.

All Eldridge Direct Drive Industrial Duty Fans Offer:

  • Standard sizes from 12″ to 72.”
  • Performance up to 73,200 CFM
  • Pressures up to 0.5”wg
  • TEFC motor
  • Optional explosion-proof motor / rub rings
  • Durable poly powder coating
  • Customizable paint

Axial Fans are great for fresh air supply, exhaust, and comfort-cooling in industrial applications.

The Eldridge core line of fans includes:

  • EDP Direct Drive Panel Fans
  • EBP Belt Drive Panel Fans
  • EPK Direct Drive Panel Fans
  • EDF Direct Drive Filtered Air Fan
  • EIP Packaged Panel Fan
  • EFK Direct Drive Flange Fan
  • EDU Direct Drive Upblast Roof Exhaust Ventilator
  • EBU Belt Drive Roof Exhaust Ventilator
  • EBV Belt Drive Roof Exhaust Ventilator w/ Exterior Motor
  • EDT Direct Drive Tube-Axial Fan
  • EBT Belt Drive Tube-Axial Fan


If you are ever in need of industrial exhaust fans that move air and gas and replace contaminated and stale air with fresh, healthy air, then you should contact us ASAP.

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At Eldridge, we work with leading dehumidifier manufacturers to provide industries with high-performance, quality desiccant dehumidification systems needed for adequate industrial ventilation. Our experts help you find the most practical solutions for keeping relative humidity and climate control in check to ensure regulatory compliance and product quality. You can trust us to provide the best service, coupled with top-notch customer support. Contact our team now to discover how we can help you improve your work environment.



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Industrial Exhaust Fans

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