As the Houston summer looms on the horizon, Bodensteiner Service, Inc aims to give a cool relief to one lucky homeowner. According to Click2Houston, the family-owned HVAC business is setting out to give back to the community by offering a free American Standard air conditioning system, installation included.

Blair Bodensteiner, the company owner, intends to assist those in need before the scorching heat bears down on the city. “We want to give back to the community that has supported us,” Bodensteiner stated in a release. Homeowners have from now until April 15 to apply for this benevolent offer, but need to reside at the residence they own to qualify.

In contrast, the performance of the Hunton Group paints a broad brush across the HVAC industry in Texas. This 59-year-old establishment has gone from a single-man operation to a powerhouse with over 500 associates and raking in more than $400 million in annual sales. Houston Business Journal details R.O. Hunton, Sr.’s journey from a naval officer to an industry titan, carrying the legacy through dour economic straits and into prosperity.

Emphasizing on energy efficiency and smart business strategies, R.O.’s diversified approach allowed the Hunton Group to smoothly sail through economic turbulences. The Group’s unwavering commitment to employee satisfaction and customer service has earned them repeated accolades. In turn, their success has fueled growth across several verticals, including the creation of companies focusing on advancing technologies such as AI for HVAC and indoor air quality improvements.

The Hunton Group now commands a fleet of six companies that serve a myriad of HVAC-related needs. R.O. Hunton Sr. instilled in his company the belief that “a company is only as good as its people,” a principle that has retained the company’s familial ethos and continued relevancy in the market. His sons, who have risen within the ranks, have adopted the same customer-centric and innovative ethos, steering the company towards the future while keeping connected to their foundational values.

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