Hail Damage Roof Repair Near Hoffman Estates Il

Dealing with a hail damage roof repair near Hoffman Estates, IL, can be nerve-wracking. At AWM Roofing, we offer unsurpassed roof repair services at budget-friendly rates and ensure timely project completion. We are one of the few roofers to provide a warranty on our services and exceptional customer service.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage To The Roof?

The homeowners’ insurance policy covers the cost to repair hail damage to your roof, siding, and windows but only at its actual cash value (ACV). You must pay a deductible whenever filing a hail damage claim.

Some insurance providers have specific limits for hail damage or a deductible. Call your insurance company to learn about your policy benefits and limitations.

Steps To Follow If You Think You Have Hail Damage

Taking appropriate steps after hail damage can help you keep your home safe and dry, come up with a concrete plan and save costs on repairs. Here are a few steps to follow after hail damage:

  1. Determine The Severity Of The Hail Storm – If the hailstones are large, the more extensive the damage to your roof. If they’re below half an inch, your roof may only suffer minor cosmetic damages like small cracks and missing shingles. Check the local weather channel to learn about the severity of the hail storm.
  2. Conduct A Roof Inspection – Look up your roof and search for any loose or missing shingles, signs of discoloration, wood exposure, etc.
  3. Call A Professional Roofer – Have a local roofing contractor inspect your roof after a hail storm. An experienced roofer will determine the level of damage and offer recommendations on what to do next.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional For Hail Damage

While hail damage can be devastating for any homeowner, hiring a professional can alleviate your stress and worries. The top benefits of hiring a professional for hail damage roof repair near Hoffman Estates, IL, include:

  1. Speedy Restoration – Professionals possess the knowledge, experience, and equipment to clean and remove storm debris quicker and more efficiently than you. They will use appropriate tools to complete the job without causing further damage to your property and provide you with the best service.
  2. Professional Knowledge – Roofers know what to do in specific situations and how to handle different types of damages. They will examine and assess your property after a hail professionally and offer insight into where you should begin and how you should go about your insurance claim.
  3. Safety – It is always wise to call a professional after hail damage as you do not want to injure yourself or cause further damage to your property after a natural disaster. While it is crucial to jump the gun on cleanup, it could also result in further damage and potential injuries if you do not possess adequate knowledge on how to enter a home after a storm. Professionals have the skill and experience to handle a property carefully after extensive damage and can protect your family from facing any injuries.

Call AWM Roofing at (847) 235-6635 to hire us for hail damage roof repair near Hoffman Estates, IL. We have over 20 years of experience fixing residential roofs, sidings, and gutters, making us a pro roofer in IL.

Hail Damage Roof Repair Near Hoffman Estates Il

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