Based in Silicon Valley with roots in Detroit, Azuga’s suite of fleet solutions provide game-changing, connected vehicle technology to more than 1,000 fleets, both big and small, across the globe. Azuga has customers in various markets including pest control, security, HVAC and landscaping. To these customers, they provide real-time data, analytics, rewards, cost-savings and safety solutions. 

The leadership team

Founded in 2012, Azuga’s cloud-based, price-disruptive and innovative technology has been recognized by industry leaders such as CTIA, Network Product Guide, The Cloud Awards and Mobile Village Awards. Co-founder Ananth Rani, the current president of the company, has been championing Azuga’s next-generation fleet telematics solution that significantly improves driver efficiency and safety at an affordable price. An industry veteran, Rani has worked in AT&T’s Product group focused on building a mobile app developer API ecosystem. Ananth also co-founded Xora, which went on to become the leading player in mobile workforce management. 

Ananth has taken his industry insights and expertise and helped develop Azuga into the innovative leader social telematics. Under his leadership, the company provides innovative, intuitive and data rich solutions that help fleet managers and drivers make informed decisions when it comes to driver engagements and rewarding them for a job well done. 

Nate Bryer has been vice president of Innovation at Azuga since May 2013. Bryer was instrumental in leading the Azuga team in developing and launching one of the first consumer-facing road usage charging products in the U.S. Prior to joining Azuga, Bryer was recognized as an innovator and leader in the insurance telematics industry. In that industry, he gained recognition as a pioneer in Usage Based Insurance with the implementation of Allstate’s Drivewise Telematics Insurance product. 

A customer’s point of view

Unlike traditional GPS tracking and driver behavior solutions, Azuga’s patented technology is embedded in a simple plug-and-play device and corresponding mobile application. Insights are then delivered to the user’s smart phone, tablet or desktop. 

“It is the easiest, most intuitive system I have used to date. Everything that I need is a click away, and every month or so, Azuga comes out with innovative features that make their platform an even better bang for the buck,” explained Patty Middleton, director of Safety at California United Mechanical Incorporated (UMI). 

California UMI is one of the largest California Bay Area HVAC providers. They offer a full spectrum of HVAC services, ranging from commercial plumbing and maintenance, to service construction and installation while committing to providing energy-efficient and environmentally- friendly solutions. Founded in 2003, California UMI’s dedicated team of professionals has quickly built up a reputation as being one of the leading HVAC specialists for any project, large or small.

California UMI’s challenge

Before turning to Azuga, California UMI had a big issue with driver safety and distracted driving. In 2012, they experienced 19 at-fault accidents, 16 of which were fender benders caused by distracted driving.

Middleton saw this growing trend and wanted a GPS solution. Middleton wanted something that could not only streamline day-to-day fleet operations and cut fuel costs, but also drastically reduce accident rates and eliminate driver phone-usage on the road.

After looking at GPS solutions with limited capabilities and still not having an answer for her company’s distracted driving problem, Middleton found Azuga. Their cost-effective OBD-based GPS solution was a perfect fit for her light-duty fleet. Middleton said that Azuga was the only GPS vendor able to offer a tool to stop distracted driving among her drivers, and fit within the company’s budget.

The results

After installing Azuga Drivesafe into all of the drivers’ phones, California UMI was able to reduce their accident rates by 89 percent. The company has yet to experience an at-fault accident from distracted driving.

Just by having Azuga GPS, coupled with a significant drop in accident rates, California UMI has received a 12 percent discount on their insurance across the entire fleet. California UMI has seen an average of 7 percent reduction in idling across the entire fleet, netting them roughly $12,000 per year in idling reductions, alone.

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