A screen shot of the porch.com website. The company, which started in 
September, will be used by Lowe's staffers to find contractors in their area 
who can help homeowners install that faucet or fan they bought at the store. 
Home Depot has plans for a similar service, called Redbeacon.

This time of year, many homeowners have long lists of projects they would like to tackle, from replacing a ceiling fan to redoing the yard.

Getting them done is another story.

Lowe’s wants to change that with a referral service available at 1,700 stores for do-it-yourselfers who can’t quite do it themselves.

The home improvement store has teamed up with Porch, a Seattle-based startup that connects homeowners and contractors. Shoppers who buy a faucet or gallon of paint but who don’t know a plumber or a painter can ask a salesperson for a referral through porch.com.

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