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When a compressor shuts off in a short time, the air conditioner stops cooling. The compressor shutdown time should be regulated by the thermostat.  It should not shut off until the room where it is installed has a temperature equal to the one selected on the thermostat.

One of the most important things in order to correct this failure in residential and commercial HVAC systems is to locate the cause. What is causing the compressor to shut down in a short time. Today we will explain why this happens and what you can do to fix it.

Compressor shuts down in a short time

We must be very clear that it is a short time and that is when it tries to start. When a few seconds have passed and it turns off it is doing so at startup, after those initial seconds have passed and we feel that it has started and begins to faint or suddenly turns off is that it has managed to turn on and has turned off. We mention this because in some consultations say that it turned off after 5 seconds and in that time has not started completely.

What causes a compressor to shut down out of the ordinary?

Faulty thermostat

When the thermostat has problems in case of manual thermostat, the diaphragm spring loses pressure. In this case, the thermostat should ideally be replaced.

Deficient ambient temperature sensor

If the temperature probe or sensor is digital, being deficient also causes this failure. In this case the ideal is its replacement.

Deficient contact sensor

In this case usually turn off the compressor and generate an error depending on the model and brand of equipment can vary between a number and the blinking of lights, usually turn off the entire team.

Damaged thermal protector

When the bimetal that brings internally the thermal protector loses its properties by overheating or if it is not the proper thermal protector shuts down the compressor for no reason. We must replace it with one of the same characteristics. At no time leave the equipment without a thermal protector.

High amperage consumption

When there is an amperage above normal we must determine the cause of this may be: low voltage, high condenser pressure, too much refrigerant, overheating in a power line, wiring too thin for the equipment. And depending on the cause, apply the corrective, another cause that is already serious is that the compressor has problems in your coil. The solution for this failure would be the replacement of the compressor.

Voltage variation

A voltage variation can cause the compressor to turn on and off. We must determine the origin of this as it may be due to problems in our electrical installation or because of failures in the energy supplied by our supplier.





Clogged condenser coil (raises pressure)

The excess of dirt, deterioration of the coil can cause the amperage to rise. Care should be taken to wash the coil on the inside. This is something that is often omitted, leaving this part of the coil to accumulate dirt until it becomes clogged.

Clean your air ducts

This can be a solution because the dirt may be clogging a component that activates the compressor of your air conditioner. Dust is often one of the reasons why many electronic devices tend to get damaged.

Final recommendation: HVAC cleaning and maintenance

For some of these faults it is not necessary the use of tools since at first sight they can be discarded. Taking data such as amperage measurement, refrigerant pressure measurement, overheating or performing a home air ducts cleaning, we will deduce what is the source of failure using deduction.

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Cooling AC Repair Near Addison IL

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Cooling AC Repair Near Addison IL

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