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Clutter is a convenient digital service for moving and storage needs. The company offers user-focused technology to create a flexible, affordable and hassle-free experience for secure storage space rentals with easy management of the entire inventory from start to finish.

Our guide will walk you through what you need to know to help you learn if Clutter is the right self-storage company for you.


  • Smart Storage pickup and delivery with 24/7 management of items via the portal
  • Month-to-month storage services
  • Only pay for the space that you use with no deposits required


  • Costs determined based on the amount of space that you use, meaning your fees could be different on moving day than what you expect
  • Cannot access your stored items in person
  • Not available everywhere; only services six states

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Clutter Storage at a Glance

Clutter is a technology-forward storage and moving company that offers easy and cost-effective booking geared toward residential customers.

Their affordable Smart Storage options are offered on a flexible, month-to-month basis with a customized online quote available within minutes. They offer self-storage as well as team-assisted packing and moving. You can reserve movers without paying until it’s time to start moving, and there’s no commitment required with the company’s Mover option — you can cancel anytime, and they’ll wait to process payment until the move is complete.

Storage units range from a small 5-by-5-foot closet to a unit large enough for a five-bedroom home (10-by-50 feet), and everything in between. Clutter warehouses are clean, climate-controlled and have 24/7 security and video surveillance. Their storage facilities are closed to the public—only trained warehouse staff have access to the facilities — so while you can’t visit your items in storage, you have 24/7 digital access to all your items via your subscription.

The company offers an online photo catalog that allows you to add custom names and descriptions to your items in storage as well as select and schedule which items you would like delivered directly to you. You can also use the customer portal to see the current condition of your items, create appointments, make payments and view billing details.

Clutter offers hassle-free home pickup and delivery of your items to and from their storage facilities with packing help and supplies available. To get your items into storage, you can schedule pickup only, or pickup and packing, which gives you the option to request help packing everything that goes into Clutter’s smart warehouse.

Additionally, all Clutter staff are full-time, trained workers that are thoroughly vetted, so you can trust that you and your belongings are in good hands. Clutter employees also receive benefits such as health insurance and paid time off, so you can feel good knowing that the company takes care of their employees who will be treating your items with care.

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Clutter Storage Pricing

Clutter offers month-to-month storage space rental. Units are priced according to how much space you need — you only pay for what you use. This fee will be adjusted as you add or take away items from storage, including if your estimated storage needs are greater or less than expected on pickup appointment day.

Other Benefits

Clutter allows you to manage your individual items in storage via a photo inventory and request door-to-door pickup and delivery at any time. You can add more items to storage or schedule any of your items to be returned to you via delivery or shipping.

Clutter also offers payment plans to help you save money on monthly payments, such as their four-month Flexer option or the longer-term Saver plan.

You can cancel service at any time, and the company will wait to process payment until your move is complete.

Clutter Storage State Availability

Clutter only serves metro areas in six states nationwide. They are California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Washington.

Fine Print

When you use the online photo catalog to select the items that you want returned to you from your storage unit and when you want them delivered, you have the option of choosing between a Full Service delivery or standard shipping (on select eligible items). Full Service delivery allows Clutter’s staff to move your items to any room or floor during your selected arrival window. Deliveries typically cost $69 plus a per item rate that starts at $15 per item. On select eligible items, FedEx can ground ship items anywhere nationwide for a flat rate fee.

Any time you wish to add items to storage, you can schedule a pickup via your account portal. The cost of this service depends on the number of items, the date of the appointment and how much staff assistance you select. These appointments typically cost $69 plus a per item fee at $15 each.

In Washington, all pickups and deliveries are charged per hour.

How Clutter Storage Stacks Up

Is Clutter the Right Self Storage Company for You?

If you are thinking of hiring Clutter, you’ll need to make that sure they service your area. The company currently only operates in areas within six states: California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Washington. Their locations across the country serve the following major metro areas: New York Area, New Jersey, Los Angeles Area, Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego, SF Bay Area, Seattle, Philadelphia and Chicago.

If Clutter does service your area, you can receive an online quote within minutes to see if the service is affordable for you. You’ll only pay month-to-month for what you store, and the company can help you estimate how much storage you need to get an accurate rate. On the day of your door-to-door pickup, the company will adjust your monthly rate according to whether you use more or less space than originally quoted.

This means that your actual cost may vary, so this is not the service to use if you’re looking for a permanently locked-in rate. Your costs will also increase if you use Clutter’s staff to help with packing or purchase packing materials.

Clutter doesn’t allow users to access their storage facilities in-person, so if you’re going to need to get in and out of your storage unit, this isn’t your best service. However, if you prefer to manage your items from the comfort of home, you can customize your inventory at any time. You can also be confident that your items are secure and clean in one of Clutter’s climate-controlled warehouses.

Overall, Clutter’s easy, affordable and tech-savvy services are definitely the right choice for someone who prefers to manage everything from their smartphone instead of digging through their own storage unit. If you prefer a more hands-on, DIY move-in/ move-out approach, you might look elsewhere.

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To determine the best self storage providers ranking, the Forbes Home Improvement editorial team analyzed third-party data on 10 major companies, with each company’s star rating determined by evaluating a variety of metrics, including:

  • BBB grade (25%)
  • Customer rating (25%)
  • Ratio of complaints to reviews (10%)
  • Types of insurance (10%)
  • Number of states serviced (10%)
  • Climate control (10%)
  • Online price quote availability (5%)
  • Video surveillance offered (5%)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Clutter storage cost?

You only pay for the space you use with Clutter storage; the larger the storage space needed, the higher the monthly cost. You can get an online estimate for your storage needs in approximately two minutes using Clutter’s technology, though this is not guaranteed to be the final price.

Does Clutter charge a deposit?

No, Clutter does not charge a deposit or process payment until the move is complete. You can reserve movers without paying until it’s time to start moving.

Is clutter a legitimate company?

Yes. Clutter currently has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Grade of A+, which is the highest business rating available.

Is Clutter safe?

Clutter’s self-storage booking services are safe to use. Their staff is vetted and highly trained, and they are the only personnel allowed in the storage facilities. Services such as video surveillance, as well as standard and premium insurance policies, are also available upon request for added protection.

Is clutter climate controlled?

Yes, Clutter storage warehouses are climate-controlled.

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