The Chesapeake Bay Area is no stranger to traffic and congestion challenges. Although driving may only be a small part of your move, hiring professional movers to do the hard parts can help ease the stress.

Regulations and Licenses

Although moving companies aren’t subject to special rules or licenses in the state, Maryland Movers Conference is available to answer your questions about specific moving companies. Before hiring a mover in Baltimore, check their website for information about the movers you’re considering.

Regardless of state rules, federal regulations must be met by any company that performs out-of-state moving services. Check to ensure your company is licensed and insured as an interstate moving company before signing anything.

Established Reputation

Unfortunately, the moving industry’s reputation has taken a hit thanks to a handful of dishonest and ill-willed moving companies. To stay safe and protect your wallet and possessions, check local review listings for any mover you’re considering hiring.

Walk away from any company offering too-good-to-be-true pricing or incentives.

Service Area Coverage

Finding the right mover for you may depend on where you’re moving to or from. Moving within Baltimore or the surrounding area may be handled best by a local moving company with a strong knowledge of the area.

Moves to or from Maryland could require a different set of needs only an interstate mover can provide.

Services Available

Every move is unique. You may simply need to hire a crew to move the possessions you’ve packed, or you may like a hands-off approach and let them do everything. You may need a company that can transport your car, boat or other equipment too.

For the convenience of one-stop shopping, find a mover who can provide all the services you require.

Estimates and Insurance Valuations

Estimate numbers, type of estimate and moving insurance jargon are creators of confusion. Always read the fine print in your moving company contract. Even if the representative has to wait a while.

Be sure you understand the dollar amount of insurance protection for your possessions and which situations can trigger a claim or denial. Ensure that any direct quotes you receive are binding quotes or, if it’s just an estimate, that you have a firm grasp of possible price changes and why.

Looking For Storage Solutions To Fit Your Moving Needs?

Find companies licensed to provide moving services and convenient storage facilities to households and businesses moving cross-country, state-to-state.

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