Air balancing is a very important part of having a functional HVAC system in your home or in your office. However, when the air is not balanced and you have multiple hot and cold spots all over your home, you may be looking at calling a professional for air conditioning repair in Jacksonville, FL. If this is the case, make sure to try some of these essential tips to keep the air balanced in your space.

Check and Change Your Filters

Any technician experienced with air conditioning repair in Jacksonville, FL can tell you that the air filters in your HVAC system have more to do with air circulation and balancing in your home or office space than anything else. Make sure these are clean and change them according to your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Close or Open Your Register

This is an easy thing to do and it’s very effective. All you must do is move the damper blade in your register to restrict air flow in certain rooms. Closing the vents completely would be a bad idea as that could cause other issues to your air conditioning.

Offset by Two Degrees

If you have multiple levels in your home and a thermostat on each level, offset them by two degrees. For example, set the upstairs at 74 degrees and downstairs at 72 degrees. This way, they will be more balanced where the downstairs stays slightly cooler than the upstairs as heat rises.

Use Window Coverings to Your Advantage

It’s nice to have natural light coming in through the windows. When you live in a place like sunny Florida, it’s hard sometimes to shut the sunshine out. However, the sun may be heating up your house and counterbalancing the good work that the air conditioner is doing all day. if you find that your house isn’t heating or cooling evenly, make sure the window blinds and curtains are closed.

Avoid Placing Electronic Equipment Near Thermostat

These days, TVs are getting bigger and sound systems require more and more equipment with each passing update. If you have electronics close to the thermostat or on the same wall in the room as the thermostat, the heat from your electronic appliances may be throwing the thermostat off and making it warmer in some areas of your house than others. Place electronics far away from the thermostat if you can to prevent this from continuing.

Prevent Airflow Restrictions

The minimum recommended clearance around your registers is 18 inches of space. Rearrange furniture and hem curtains that are within a foot and a half of your registers to improve the balance of air in your space. If this isn’t an option, invest in deflectors to redirect the air flow.

If the air in your home seems to be uneven, cooling in certain spots and not in others, you may need professional repair. When you live in a warm climate like we do in Florida, time is of the essence when it comes to getting repairs done on your air conditioning system. Call Ideal Conditions for a free estimate on your air conditioning repair in Jacksonville, FL today.




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