Air Worth is a top-listed company that provides immediate air conditioning repair in Colleyville, TX, at affordable prices. Our team of highly experienced technicians fixes your AC repairs by getting to the root of the problem, thereby eliminating chances of recurrence of a similar problem in the future.

Why is my air conditioner not working properly?

An air conditioner’s efficient functioning can largely upon factors such as the age of the appliance, amount of usage, and maintenance. However, AC repairs are inevitable, and some of the common causes of restorations include:

  • Obstruction in the airflow pathway
  • Dirty evaporator coils
  • Faulty thermostat
  • An issue with the control Board or PCB
  • Defect in compressor circuit
  • Cracks and damage in the fan motor
  • Inoperative thermistor, etc

We offer unparalleled air conditioning repair in Colleyville, TX, for both residential and commercial needs. Our technicians are experts at fixing AC repairs, maintenance, and replacement services.

Factors to consider before buying an AC

Purchasing an AC can be a significant investment, especially if you are looking for a long term solution. The goal while purchasing an air conditioner should be to invest in a long-lasting, highly efficient product that is affordable and comes with energy-saving features. Some of the factors of consideration before buying an AC are:

  • Tonnage – 1-ton capacity air conditioning will suffice for a small room that is less than 200 square feet. Any room larger than that needs a 2 ton AC to get the best cooling effect.
  • Energy-consumption – You want to invest in an appliance that is environment-friendly and energy-efficient. So look for the number of BEE stars in the label of an AC. Higher the stars, higher the energy saving. An energy-efficient AC will help you save on the electricity bills too.
  • AC Features – You need an AC with a proper dehumidification function to combat humidity in the room to give the best cooling effect. Make sure to check that the AC has a variable speed compressor that can adjust the power according to the heat load. You also want to make sure that the AC produces minimal to no noise when in operation. Further, choose an air conditioner that works on a copper condenser coil for easy maintenance and better cooling.
  • Warranty – Make sure that you get an AC that comes with at least 1-year warranty on the condenser, one year on the product and five years on the compressor.

What can cause an AC compressor failure?

Some of the common causes of AC compressor failure include dirty coils, blocks in suction lines, damage in refrigerant lines, mismatch in size of suction lines with the appliance, issues with refrigerant, electrical failures, collection of debris inside the AC and lack of enough oil lubricant.

We offer the best air conditioning repair in Colleyville, TX. Air Worth is one of the very few AC servicing companies to provide annual AC maintenance plans at affordable rates to ensure the durability of your appliance. Call us today to book air conditioning maintenance services.

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